Free monitoring tool for SSAS and more



Real-time monitoring with rich UI of classic Windows application
Just connect to your Analysis Services instance and monitor activity at real-time.

Get live and complete sessions, connections, locks and commands statitics.

Compare, sort sessions and connections and find worst ones - by CPU, Reads, Writes, etc.

Save logs for future review and analysis.

New calculated fields and trend indicators
New calculated fields: CPU %, reads and writes per second (which are not available in original server statistics). Using these fields, you can analyze % impact of individual session or connection on server's performance.

Special trend indicators help to identify current activity and peaks, idle or busy sessions.
Interactive diagrams: historical data and real-time
Live chart for CPU, reads, writes and memory on one multi-axis diagram. Switch chart types and series as you need.

Automatically saves complete server statistics (snapshot) if CPU (or other measurement) is high. Later, just click this point to activate and show sessions, connections, etc at this point of time.

Sortable and filterable list of snapshots helps to identify activity peaks for given app/connection/session.
Group data by applications
Provides aggregated statistics grouped by application. You dont need to review all sessions for given app. Instead, review summary statistics like aggregated Reads/Writes, max CPU for all app sessions, etc.
Visualize application's activity
Select application in Sessions list and show it's activity on Activity History diagram.
Activity Graph
Based on available connections/sessions data, we build graphical representation of current server activity.

Sessions with high CPU are highlighted using red color.

You can easily kill any session.
Manage sessions
Using Autokill option, you can automatilcally kill SSAS sessions which consume too high CPU or longs for specified period.

For example, you can kill sessions with more than 80% CPU load.

You can define apps and users which should not be terminated even with high CPU load ("Don't kill" property).
24/7 Monitoring via Windows Service
Install and run special Windows Service for monitoring Analysis Services.

Use the same FlexMonitor application for opening logs recorded by this Windows service.

Optimized settings for 24/7 monitoring.

Compare and analyse long-running activity logs when you want. Just open two log files and compare.
Monitoring servers using browsers or smartphone!
Special version of FlexMonitor allows you to monitor your servers remotely.

See special section describing configuration and usage of Remote FlexMonitor.

Click here to visit Remote FlexMonitor homepage.


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