Free monitoring tool for SSAS and more

Demo1. Getting started.

1. Start FlexMonitor. To evaluate the product, choose Continue without activation button.
2. You will be prompted to connect to SSAS server.
3. The server will be added to Server Explorer. To start monitoring, click Start button under server name or double-click it.
4. The monitor is running. Your current (real-time) server activity and statistics about sessions, connections, etc. is displayed. Peaks are visualized on Activity History chart.
5. Want to review sessions in the past? Just click on saved peak in Activity History or find a snapshot in Snapshots grid and click on it. Sessions list now contains information at this point in time!
6. Go to Sessions list and sort them based on CPU, memory, reads or writes. Find worst session.
7. You identified bad session. Do you wan to terminate it? Go to Activity Graph and use session's context menu.
8. Find all peaks of specific application using Applications list. Find aggregated statistics for your BI app and check if it's one-time peak or this application is real source of performance problems on your server.