Free monitoring tool for SSAS and more
FlexMonitor editions
Feature Free Version Basic Pro Suite
Max. number of SSAS servers
Number of Analysis Services which can be added to FlexMonitor Server Explorer.
1 5 5 Unlimited
FlexMonitor Service for 24/7 monitoring
Windows Service runs in 24/7 mode and monitors SSAS servers in background without user's login. Just install it.
- - Yes Yes
WCF Service for remote access
Data communication service for accessing server logs remotely. Can be used with or without shipped ASP.NET application.
- - - Yes
Ready-to-use ASP.NET application for viewing server logs
Install ready-to-use ASP.NET application in your IIS and your infrastructure is ready! We ship complete source code for this component so you can tune it according to your needs.
- - - Yes
FlexDbTools.com account for remote monitoring without installing ASP.NET application
Create account at FlexDbTools.com and connect to your WCF server directly from FlexDbTools.com account! You don't need to install and maintain ASP.NET application on your servers.
- - - Yes
Price Free $99 $399 $999